Tinned Battery Cable Hi Flex Multi Strand

Highly Flexible Tinned Copper Cable

Unlike cheaper brands of cable on the Market this cable is 100% Tinned Copper!

Manufactured in the UK

Suitable for Cars, Boats, Bikes, Caravans, Motor homes, Horse boxes, Trucks, Solar and many other Auto, Marine, and Agriculture equipment. 

Choosing the correct cable: 
The size of the battery does not determine the size of cable required.
You need to know approximately what current (amperage) your equipment is using.
The equipment may have a specification plate showing amps or watts, if not, refer to the manufacture's specification or contact the manufacturer.
If you know the wattage of the equipment divide this by 12 (10 if using long lengths), this will give you the amperage.
If you are replacing worn cables, measure the diameter including the insulation and compare to our cable spec.
If your calculations are marginal, choose the next size up cable.

Normal Copper or Tinned cable:
For normal conditions use Copper cable. 
For harsh environments such as Marine, Off Road, Rallying etc use Tinned cable.

Sold by the metre and in Discounted Reels, e.g. if you select 5metres of cable this will be a continuos length of 5metres.
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